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We create intuitive, easy-to-use online portals, property search engines, property value calculating systems, digital property management systems, HRM/CRM solutions, and more to help property owners, investors, architects, brokers, and agents deliver incredibly higher customer value.

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Custom Software Development can help you stay on top of the real estate industry

With Enough Technology's real estate software development services, you can gain a tech-driven competitive advantage. We are entirely devoted to assisting your organization with its digital transformation as your Nearshore Software Development Partner. From management software and mobile apps to MLS/IDX platform design and all-in-one software integration solutions, our tailored-fit software solutions are designed to fulfil any demand through technology.

We understand that real estate businesses have unique requirements when compared to other industries. That's why we provide fully customizable real estate software development services aimed at assisting you in achieving your business objectives. Our top engineers will deliver high-quality, feature-rich software solutions that are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. If you have a concept, we can assist you in making it a reality.

With our custom-designed property management mobile apps, you can keep a close eye on your properties. Our staff will create a one-of-a-kind property management system that will allow you to simply access all of the data and keep track of all of the details you need to run your business effectively. We'll assist you in implementing high-end features such as video surveillance, role-access security, and key management systems. From monitoring the status of a lease to overseeing the development of a construction project, you'll be able to accomplish it all from a single management application.

When it comes to real estate platforms, simpler processes are ideal for increasing profitability. We'll create unique CRM and ERP management solutions from the ground up or improve your present application so you can speed up any current process and make data-driven decisions. Managers of many properties will benefit from having a custom CRM or ERP because it promotes integration and makes it much easier to closely monitor and compare multiple projects at the same time.

Our IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration solutions are at the forefront of application and CRM maintenance and optimization. With IDX-driven listing material, we'll help you uncover crucial information while improving your app or website. We employ cutting-edge IDX strategies such as search engine reporting, content automation, and registration prompts. We can also create IDX components from scratch to create unique mobile technology solutions.


We function as an extension team of your IT department, and we are always accessible to assist you in a variety of ways about your healthcare applications.

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The simplest approach to run your real estate company

To increase cooperation and improve operational efficiency, manage all of your main business activities in one location.

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ERP's Leasing module uses best-in-class technology to help you manage your business and residential leases efficiently. Tenant satisfaction is excellent because to our self-service platform.

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Automate crucial operations to improve tenant satisfaction and maintenance monitoring across all of your properties. With our sophisticated ticketing system, you can quickly keep track of maintenance tickets.

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Whether it's accurate project cost estimation, proactive risk reduction, or seamless subcontractor and vendor management, Engineering ERP's Construction module gives you unprecedented project insight.

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From Indent through Delivery, the purchase procurement module keeps your supply chain running efficiently. Supplier Evaluation and Quotation Management are two features that assist you keep track of all your purchase orders.

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Our automated land banking solution makes it easy to keep track of all your land transactions and related operations. It has many other capabilities and covers all transaction kinds such as JD, JV, and outright acquisition.

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Using our Legal module, you can manage all of your land, development, and construction-related lawsuits. Real-time updates and tracking of legal conflicts, as well as secure storage of legal records

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Our best-in-class CRM module allows you to collect and track leads from a variety of sources, such as property websites and commercials. Track the effectiveness of your lead generation processes, among other things.

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Create a simple Chart of Accounts (COA) and link it to transactions for automatic posting. Manage all of your main departments' financial approvals and generate important financial statements.

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Payroll and Human Resources

Create and manage extensive employee profiles, workflow-based leave systems, holiday configurations based on your location, wage structures, and much more with our integrated HR and Payroll solution.

Complete IT solutions to realize full potential of Real Estate & Construction

  • Inventory Management System

  • Building/Property Management Solutions

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Construction Management Solutions

  • Documentation Management Solutions

  • Real Estate Maintenance System

  • Project Management Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management System

  • Classifieds Websites and Applications Development

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How Does Information Technology Work?

A straightforward three-step procedure for establishing and scaling software product development teams.



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  • Understanding of the requirements
  • Planning for number of employees
  • Matrix of abilities
  • Analysis of Costs


Choose your team members and get started

  • Examine the internal skill
  • Choose the best squad
  • All hands-on deck and ready to go!
  • Management of Operations


Create a good product and keep it up

  • Continuous Integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about custom software outsourcing and development by our clients. Please contact us if you require additional information or have any other questions.

To start with, we review project requirements from the client, we get them analyzed and then inform you of the estimation results. Once you are fine with the cost and time, the next step would be to create a project report document and a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this and then we send you the same for review. Once everything has been finalized, we would then take the project to the next stage, which is the development stage.

We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you.All our employees are full-time employees and are bound by company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.

We cannot possibly answer this question precisely because there are projects finished in 2 to 3 weeks, but there are also tasks that take several years to complete. To provide you with a precise answer, we have to evaluate the project complexity and the work scope. Knowing this information, we can provide you with the estimated time frame

In our company, we pay our employees based on hourly rates, depending on the technology utilized and the experience level of the specialists involved in the project.

There is absolutely no need for this. After all, you do not have to know medical nuances when seeking a dentist’s services. You do not have to be an expert in software development because, actually, we are. We are ready to explain to you all unclear moments and the essence of all stages while working on the project. On your part, all you need is a clear vision of what objectives you want to achieve using the desired software product. Therefore, you just have to focus on your needs, and we will help you make them a reality.

Share the details of your project – like scope, timeframes, or business challenges you’d like to solve.

We work in a short iteration mode and regularly test the work results, taking into account all customer preferences and the target audience reaction. This approach allows us to provide our customers with high-quality products, observing the specified deadlines. Quality is our top priority.

Our experts possess a wide range of skills, enabling us to offer our customers the best solutions to achieve their goals. The basic Enough Technology profile is Java , PHP , Laravel . DevOps , Flutter , ; we also work with C#, ASP.NET Core/MVC, Xamarin, Angular/Angular.JS, React/React.JS, Node.JS, and WPF.

Yes, sure. If you want to sign an NDA, we are always ready to do so.

Typically, it takes about two weeks to start cooperating on the project. However, it depends on the project features and the number of people involved in it.

Enough Technology offers its customers several pricing models, which allows any company to choose the best option: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, or Dedicated Team Model.

Yes, we can. Our software engineers are well versed in various technologies and will practically always be able to continue the product started by some other team.

If you have any questions, you can’t find the answers to on this page, or you are eager to discuss the project details before starting out cooperation, just contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.