As a customer-focused organisation, we strive to make our procedures as clear and transparent to you as possible. We adhere to industry best practises and always commit to delivering the high-quality, on-time results you expect from your development partner

We prioritise offering safe and dependable solutions with long-term value, allowing our clients to focus on their main business objectives.


Our Methodology

We use a systematic and methodical project execution process

Models of Pricing

We recognize that your needs may differ from one job to the next. As a result, our agile pricing models are customized to reflect the complexity and maturity of the specifications, technology, process, and other elements that contribute to successful delivery. With our non-linear and agile pricing models, select a plan depending on your time and cost constraints:

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Fixed Cost

The pricing is based on a set project cost. When the project definition, needs for web/mobile development methods, resources, and deadlines are well established, and technical documentation is already present or adequately prepared, we proceed with the fixed pricing model.

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Retainer ship

Billing is done on a regular basis, such as every 2-4 weeks.When project specifications are either insufficiently detailed or do not exist, development methods and deadlines are not yet defined, and documentation is absent or inadequate, we recommend this engagement approach.

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Every hour

The pricing is based on the time spent by the team.When only a broad idea and project needs are known, we use the hourly model. Project specifications, development process needs, dates, and resources must still be calculated, debated, and negotiated.

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